Patella Correction
RAPID Luxation
Patella Correction - Safe & Simple

With its uniquely-designed implants and instrumentation, the RAPID LUXATION Plating System offers a secure and precise technique to correct a patella luxation.

Testing the Stifle
RAPID Luxation
Testing the Stifle during Surgery

The uniquely designed Tibia Tappet allows for a very accurate transposition of the tibial tuberosity, and testing its functionality before placing the screws.

Secure Construction
RAPID Luxation
Secure Construction

The screws effectively fasten the plate and spacer, ensuring they remain firmly in place and preventing any bone movement, which is crucial for promoting rapid bone growth.

Three Different Sizes
RAPID Luxation
Three Different Sizes

The RAPID LUXATION Plates are available in three different sizes to accommodate a range of patient sizes - from toy dog breeds to larger dogs.

Compatible with TTA RAPID
RAPID Luxation
Compatible with TTA RAPID®

The RAPID LUXATION and TTA RAPID® Systems use the same instrumentation, screws. and patella spacers making them perfectly compatible.

Titanium for biocompatibility
RAPID Luxation
Titanium for Best Biocompatibility

Made of medical grade Titanium, the implants and screws are durable but lightweight, highly biocompatible, and low in temperature sensitiveness.

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The Tibial Tuberosity Transposition (TTT) Technique

At its Best

The RAPID Luxation System is a comprehensive solution for the surgical correction of patellar luxation in dogs and cats. Featuring precision-engineered plates and spacers, intuitive instrumentation, and seamlessly integrated components, the system is designed to optimize surgical precision and streamline procedures.

Patella Correction - Safe and Simple

Building upon the principles of TTT (Tibial Tuberosity Transposition), the RAPID Luxation Plating System offers enhanced accuracy, stability, and ease of use.

With its cleverly designed implants and specialized instrumentation, the RAPID Luxation Plating System enables a safe and precise transposition of the tibial tuberosity to correct a patella luxation.

Three different plate sizes

The RAPID Patella Luxation Plates and Spacers constitute a versatile system designed to address patellar luxation across a diverse range of patient sizes and breeds.

Offering three different plate sizes (Petite/Tiny 2.0 mm, Medium 2.4 mm, Large 2.4 mm), and a total of 20 different spacer variations to match the plates, the RAPID Luxation System enables the surgeon to select the appropriate plate and spacer combination to address the unique anatomical challenges presented by each patient.  

The RAPID Luxation Implants and Screws are made of medical grade Titanium for best biocompatibility.

Secure and versatile design

The design of the system ensures secure implant fixation for rapid bone growth and healing. It also allows for a recorrection of any alignment issues post-operatively, underscoring the patient-centric nature of the technique.

Designed to fit together seamlessly, the RAPID Luxation Plate and Spacer are securely fixed together to the bone by screws, preventing unwanted movement and ensuring stability and alignment of the patella within the trochlear groove. This allows for uninterrupted bone growth and integration, facilitating a rapid recovery process.

The versatility of the system also allows for a re-correction of the patellar alignment post-operatively, which may be necessary in some cases. Instead of performing a complex revision surgery, orthopedic surgeons can simply replace the spacer with another size as needed. This streamlined process reduces surgical trauma and recovery time for the patient while effectively addressing any residual luxation or malalignment, ensuring optimal long-term joint function.

Compatible with TTA RAPID®

The RAPID LUXATION system is fully compatible with the TTA RAPID® system, allowing for seamless integration in complex cases involving both cruciate ligament rupture and concomitant patella luxation.

The compatibility stems from the shared instrumentation, including sawguides and tibia tappets, as well as the utilization of identical screws and patella spacers in both techniques. This compatibility not only streamlines inventory management but also leads to cost savings while expanding the range of services offered to patients. By leveraging these synergies, veterinarians can provide comprehensive care with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Testing the Stifle during Surgery

Enhancing surgical accuracy by allowing assessment of the stifle joint during surgery.

The uniquely designed Tibia Tappet facilitates precise adjustment of the tibial tuberosity.  This allows surgeons to achieve precise positioning and conduct a thorough functional assessment before proceeding with screw fixation. Once the desired position is attained, fixation is carried out using the patellar spacer and screws, ensuring stability and alignment of the joint.

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