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Online Course with Dr. Hugo Schmökel, DECVS

“Integrates 100% with TTA RAPID. - Dr. Hugo Schmökel 


We understand that patella luxations can be challenging, especially using previous techniques. Luckily, we have developed a seamless, simple technique for addressing both patella luxations and cruciate ligament ruptures.

We are committed to providing education opportunities from board certified surgeons to our customers. We know our canine friends out there would appreciate the help in returning to chasing their favorite ball.

A perfect fit with TTA RAPID

About 20% of small patients have both a patella luxation and a cruciate tear. These are related because the cranial cruciate ligament limits internal rotation. If the ligament ruptures, we not only have a cranial subluxation of the tibia, but also an increased internal rotation which aggrevates a medial patella luxation.

This means if the patient previously had a grade 1 or 2 patella luxation with no clinical signs, he now has a grade 3 luxation after the cruciate ligament ruptures. Now he is clinically relevant and needs both pathologies to be addressed: the cruciate and the patella luxation.

Online Course

What you will learn in this course

Dr. Hugo Schmökel shares with you all his knowledge about Patellar Luxations. It will be devided into a theoretical and a practical part. You can even ask questions in the comments section of each chapter. Dr. Schmökel will receive an email then with your question.

The only difference between this online course and a wet-lab is the practical part. This course offers a long and detailed "real" surgery with the live comments from Dr. Hugo Schmökel. But you are required to practise on your own with cadavers. 

Course Structure
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Theoretical Part

01 Welcome

02 About Patellar Luxations

03 Clinical Examination

04 Case Evaluation

05 Realignment by TTT

06 The Rapid Luxation Approach

07 Special Cases

08 Surgery Equipment

09 The Surgery in Theory (Animation)

Practical Part

10 Surgery Preparation

11 Sulcoplasty

12 Rapid Luxation Surgery


13 How to begin

14 Exam

Finally you will have the chance to do an exam with multiple choice questions and get a certificate in order to get Training Points from your veterinary association.

Meet your instructor

Dr. Hugo Schmökel, ECVSMR

I’m Dr. Hugo Schmökel

Boarded speaker Dr. Hugo Schmökel (DECVS) is Chief Veterinary Officer at Evidensia Stronsholm, the largest animal clinic in Sweden. Under his leadership his clinic became pioneer in antibiotics-free surgery. He performs hundreds of knee surgeries each year.


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Here are some common questions about this course.

Is this course certified (RACE, ATF, etc.)?

Yes, this course is RACE and ATF certified.

Is this a live webinar?

No. This is a pre-designed and recorded course. For this reason it is well structured and straight to the point. But if you have a question you can ask in the comment section of each lesson. It will be answered quickly.

Where can I purchase RAPID LUXATION?

You can purchase RAPID LUXATION either directly or indirectly - depending on your location. If you are not sure who is selling RAPID LUXATION in your country please contact info@leibinger-medical.com.

Can I start with RAPID LUXATION after this course?

IMPORTANT: We highly advise to do train your skills on cadavric patients first.

Once you feel comfortable please consult a specialist with your results before doing surgery on living patients. 

When is the right time to begin with living animals?

This depends on your experience. If you are already a well experienced orthopaedic surgeon you might start pretty soon. But if you do stifle surgeries and / or osteotomies for the first time we recommend to do an additional live training.

How long is this course available?

After you have purchased this course you can access it for 100 days.

Where do I get support with RAPID LUXATION?

If you need support you can always contact info@leibinger-medical.com or you contact your local distributor.

Furthermore you can book personal video meetings with a surgeon consultant as well as 1-on-1-trainings (depending on your location).

How long is the duration of this course?

Because the course is structured very "straight-to-the-point" you can finish this course in ca. 1.5h.