3D HIP Shelf Implant
3D HIP Shelf Implant
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TTA RAPID, Patella Luxation, TPLO, CBLO, Fracture, Spinal Surgery

We offer educational courses and workshops with hands-on lab training, taught by leading authorities in veterinary orthopedics.

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News: Partnership forged for 3D HIP

September 23, 2022

Partnership forged for a novel patient-specific treatment for Canine Hip Dysplasia

Utrecht University and Rita Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG proudly announce the signing of a license agreement for the new 3D HIP Titanium Implant.

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Fracture Treatment in Small Breeds
Experience of 100 Cases

Featuring Hugo Schmökel, DVM, PhD, Specialist ECVS

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  • ...more than 10,000 customers worldwide trust Rita Leibinger products
  • ...more than 1,000,000 Rita Leibinger implants used worldwide

What we do

Create equal conditions for Veterinarians

Veterinary surgeries require passion and knowledge. But even if you are passionate and skilled, many surgeries can still be challenging. While human surgeons can fall back on the best implant solutions and technology, veterinary surgeons often have to improvise. Our mission is to create equal conditions and to help veterinary surgeons perfect their surgical skills.

Research & Development

We develop all of our products in cooperation with Universities and Key Opinion Leaders.

Our implants must be successfully tested and approved before they go out to the market.


We aim for superior quality. Therefore, we produce the majority of our products ourselves. The other few products are produced by high quality technology leading partners in the USA & Europe.

Education & Support

Our service begins with engineering the systems and does not end until the surgery is successfully done.

Therefore, we offer multi-level support including Wet-Labs, Online-Trainings and Virtual Video-Assistance.


  • TTA

  • Patella

  • TPLO

  • CBLO

  • Fracture

  • Spinal

  • Arthroscopy

  • Other

TTA RAPID - more than 100,000 surgeries completed

Now with 59 different cage sizes, TTA RAPID® is the most flexible surgical technique designed to repair a cruciate ligament injury.

The new “Tiny” TTA RAPID® set now makes it possible to treat small dogs and cats with custom 1.5/2.0mm cages and screws. The instrumentation set features a new “tiny” sawguide for short osteotomies.

Technology Leading Manufacturing

A Titanium LeiLOX CBLO Plate is born in one of our in-house machines:

why we do it

We are passionate


Rita Leibinger with her dachshund "Siri" (middle)

Rita is not only entrepreneur in veterinary technology - she is also a dedicated dog lover and passionate dog sports woman. 

Seeing happy and healthy dogs makes her happy, too.


We've done it for generations

Old machine from Rita's father Oswald Leibinger

Rita Leibinger learned and worked at her father’s company, Oswald Leibinger GmbH, which was one of the leading companies in human maxillofacial plating technology and therefore acquired by a major U.S. company in the 1990s.

Together with her husband Kurt and her sons Nelson and Gordon, Rita today lives out her dream of running a company dedicated to helping animals and veterinarians.


We aim for the best


Dachshund "Siri" is our unofficial C.E.O.

We believe in-house development, in-house engineering and in-house manufacturing. Our customers appreciate our products because they are designed and manufactured from the same hands - with experience and passion. Our clients can trust in the high quality implants from Rita Leibinger in Germany.

Social Commitment

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What they say

Rafal Korta

ARWET Veterinary Hospital

What I like about Rita Leibinger is reliability, responsibility and taking care of customers. To treat animals properly, surgeon has to have confidence to his knowledge, experience but also to his equipment.

Dr. Gary Bogner

Sunset Beach Veterinary Clinic

I have now done 222 surgical procedures using TTA RAPID.
What I love about Rita Leibinger products is that they are of a very high quality and that the results using this technique are very good.
I have been approached by other companies to use their products but have decided to stay with the Rita Leibinger products.