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“It's firm. It's safe. It's RAPID. - Dr. Yves Samoy


With almost 100,000 implantations worldwide, TTA RAPID is one of the most attractive TTA techniques on the market. TTA RAPID can not only fix a cranial cruciate ligament rupture, but also a simultaneous patella luxation.

With 54 different cage sizes, TTA RAPID is the most flexible surgical technique designed to repair a cruciate ligament injury.

The new “Tiny” TTA RAPID set now makes it possible to treat small dogs and cats with specially designed cages and custom 1.5/2.0mm screws. The instrumentation set features a new “tiny” sawguide.

TTA RAPID implants offer high stability with a less invasive approach. The TTA Rapid surgery allows for shorter surgery times which provides less of a risk of infection, less anesthesia and less costs.

The open sponge Titanium construct allows for rapid bone growth throughout the cage.

Due to the simplicity of the technique and instruments, a level of comfort can be achieved quickly.

Online Course

What you will learn in this course

Dr. Yves Samoy shares with you his knowledge that he has gained since the beginning of TTA RAPID. This online course is recorded with the same presentation materials used in the "live" wet-labs all around the globe. And you can even ask questions in the comments section of each chapter. Dr. Samoy will then receive an email with your question and follow-up with you that way.

The only difference between this online course and a wet-lab is the practical hands-on sessions. This virtual course offers a long and detailed "real" surgery with live comments from Dr. Yves Samoy. But, you will be required to practice on your own with cadavers before operating on a real patient. 

Course Structure
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Clinical Examination

01 Introduction

02 Visual Inspection

03 Clinical Examination

Anatomy & Inspection of the Stifle

04 Materials

05 Anatomy

06 Cruciate Ligaments & Meniscal Damages

07 Approaches

Pre-Op Planning

08 Before Surgery

09 Radiography

10 Pre-OP Planning & TTA Method

11 Common Tangent Method

12 Tibial Axis Method

13 Wrap up & Comparison

14 Cortical Thickness

15 Summary: Pre-OP Planning

Self-Work: Pre-Op-Measurement

In this part you are required to do some measurements on your own. You get an X-RAY, which you need to calibrate on your own device. After you have tried the different measurement methods you can click on "Solution 1&2" to compare your results.

16 Your Task

17 Solution 1: Tibial Axis Method

18 Solution 2: Common Tangent Method (vPOP Pro)

Step-by-Step Protocol

19 3D Animation of the Surgery

20 Protocol Introduction

21 Using the Sawguide

22 Opening the Osteotomy

23 Placing the Cage

24 Closure

Practical Session

25 TTA RAPID Surgery (Full Surgery Video with "live" comments)

26 Patella Luxation and TTA RAPID

Advice & Certificate

27 How to begin

28 Exam

Finaly you will have the chance to do an exam with multiple choice questions and get a certificate in order to get Training Points from your veterinary association.

Meet your instructor

Dr. Yves Samoy, ECVSMR

Hi, I’m Dr. Yves Samoy.

Yves Samoy graduated in 2003 cum laude as veterinary surgeon at Ghent University, Belgium.

After graduation, he continued to work at Ghent University at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Medical Imaging and Small Animal Orthopaedics to improve his orthopedic skills.

From 2006 to June 2012 he was a full time assistant in the Orthopedic department. During this period, he laid the basis of the physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. B. Van Ryssen he finished his PhD on Elbow incongruity in the dog in 2011. Since July 2012 he is Doctoral Assistant in the Orthopedic department and is involved in all kinds of orthopedic surgery including arthroscopy. He is also the developing surgeon behind the TTA Rapid technique.

Since 2015 he is CCRP certified by Ghent University and in charge of the Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Unit.

Yves Samoy is author or co-author of several orthopaedic publications in international journals and you can see him on one of his numerous lectures and courses on Orthopaedics, small animal arthroscopy, and Physio/Rehab.

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Here are some common questions about this course.

Is this course certified (RACE, ATF, etc.)?

Yes, this course is RACE and ATF certified.

Is this a live webinar?

No. This is a pre-designed and recorded course. For this reason it is well structured and straight to the point. But if you have a question you can ask in the comment section of each lesson. It will be answered quickly.

Where can I purchase TTA RAPID?

You can purchase TTA RAPID either directly or indirectly - depending on your location. If you are not sure who is selling TTA RAPID in your country please contact info@leibinger-medical.com.

Can I start with TTA RAPID after this course?

IMPORTANT: We highly advise to train your skills on cadavric patients first. 

How long is this course available?

After you have purchased this course you can access it for 100 days.

Where can I get support with TTA RAPID?

If you need support you can always contact info@leibinger-medical.com .

Furthermore you can book personal video meetings with a surgeon consultant as well as an onsite 1-on-1-training at your hospital (depending on your location).

How long is the duration of this course?

Because the course is structured very "straight-to-the-point" you can finish this course in ca. 2.5h.

In which countries is TTA RAPID available?

TTA RAPID is available in: 


-North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)

-South Africa


-Asia (Japan, Korea, Thailand, China)

Please ask for more countries.