Combines the advantages of TPLo and TTA
Combines the advantages of TPLO & TTA

Just like TPLO, CBLO is a leveling procedure, but it also advances the tibial crest cranially, which helps provide more support and stability to the knee joint.

Multiaxial Locking
Multiaxial Locking

Its multiaxial locking capability enables you to angle the screws
away from vital structures.

Anatomically shaped plates
Anatomically shaped plates

Contoured to match the natural shape of the bone to facilitate optimal positioning with ease.

Double Compression
Double Compression

Double compression holes in implants ensure uniform compression and stability at the osteotomy site, promoting robust bone healing and reducing the risk of complications.

Interchangeable Screws
Interchangeable Screws

Versatility meets efficiency with the LeiLOX TPLO & CBLO System, offering interchangeable compatibility across screw sizes and plates within the 2.7/3.5mm and 2.0/2.4mm Systems.

Titanium for Best Biocompatibility
Titanium for Best Biocompatibilty

Its excellent biocompatibility minimizes adverse immune reactions when implanted into the body, promoting better integration with surrounding tissues.

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for enhanced surgical success

The CORA Based Leveling Osteotomy (CBLO) is a relatively new approach and technique for addressing cranial cruciate ligament rupture, primarily in dogs. CBLO employs a corrective osteotomy technique akin to TPLO, modifying the position of the Tibial Plateau to restore joint stability. Both surgeries involve a radial cut osteotomy to level the tibial plateau. However, in TPLO, a semicircular cut is made in the proximal tibia and the distal fragment is rotated to achieve a level tibial plateau. CBLO, on the other hand, focuses on modifying the tibial plateau angle by centering the saw blade at the Center of Rotation of Angulation (CORA), i.e. in an inverted position relative to the tibia head, allowing for cranial rotation. 

This unique maneuver not only optimizes the leverage of the tibia plateau, but also facilitates the advancement of the tibial tuberosity. By adopting this innovative technique, CBLO aims to tackle various challenges associated with CCL injuries, including secondary (late) meniscal injuries, stress on the caudal cruciate ligament, axis shift reduction, secondary translation, and mismatch of articulating surfaces.

Multiaxial Locking: Unparalleled precision and safety

One of the standout features of the LeiLOX CBLO System is its multiaxial locking capability, offering unparalleled precision and safety during surgery. The screws can be securely locked in a 90° angle with a 12° deviation in any direction, enabling you to angle the screws away from vital structures with confidence. The robust stardrive screw head ensures firm locking into the plate, minimizing the risk of instability and ensuring long-term success.

Anatomically Shaped Limited Contact Dynamic Compression Plates

Designed with the utmost consideration for anatomical integrity, LeiLOX CBLO plates are contoured to match the natural shape of the bone, facilitating optimal positioning with ease. This anatomical conformity not only enhances surgical efficiency but also minimizes vascular damage to the plated bone segment, promoting faster healing and reduced postoperative complications.

Double Compression for enhanced stability

The LeiLOX CBLO System features two precisely designed compression holes that enable exceptionally tight compression of the osteotomy. The presence of two compression holes also allows for more uniform compression across the osteotomy site, as well as making adjustments in compression levels based on the specific needs of each patient. The incorporation of double compression holes in our LeiLOX CBLO Implants enhances stability and support, which is crucial for proper and faster bone healing.

Interchangeable Screws: Flexibility and cost-efficiency

Versatility meets efficiency with the LeiLOX CBLO System, offering interchangeable compatibility across screw sizes and plates within the 2.7/3.5mm and 2.0/2.4mm CBLO and TPLO Titanium Systems. Featuring identical screw heads, the screws offers unprecedented flexibility in implant selection (within their respective systems), tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Moreover, this interchangeability streamlines inventory management, reducing costs and optimizing resource utilization.

High-Performance Sawblades: Durability redefined

In addition to implants and screws, the LeiLOX CBLO System offers high-performance sawblades coated with Titanium Nitrate. This cutting-edge coating enhances durability, ensuring extended lifespan compared to standard blades. 

Titanium for Optimal Biocompatibility

The LeiLOX CBLO Implants are made of medical grade Titanium, which makes them very durable but lightweight, highly biocompatible, and low in temperature sensitiveness. Their superior biocompatibility further reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions, ensuring seamless integration with the surrounding tissue. 

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