Here are some cases shared to us by some of our clients using our TPLO Implants. 

Intuitive and well-contoured

"An intuitive and well contoured system for TPLO"

- Elaine Holmes, DVM, DACVS-SA

Thank you, Dr. Elaine Holmes (Scottsdale, AZ), for the kind words regarding our LeiLOX TPLO System. 

Polyaxial Locking

Special thanks to Dr. Jeff Mayo for sharing this LeiLOX TPLO case with us. This high-quality system features polyaxial locking, limited contact, double compression and anatomic contouring.

Double Compression

Thank you Dr. Stephen Jones, DACVS for sharing these LeiLOX TPLO case images with us. 

Our LeiLOX TPLO Systems are suitable for all mid- to giant breed dogs.

Featuring multiaxial locking screws that can be locked in a 90° angle with a 12° deviation in any direction, it allows you to angle the screws away from vital structures. Two precisely designed compression holes enable a very tight compression of the osteotomy, which supports bone healing.

Our Stainless Steel LeiLOX TPLO implants are made of the highest grade medical steel and are contoured to match the anatomic shape of the bone.

Now also available in Titanium for better biocompatibility, our new TPLO Swing Implants are very durable but lightweight, and low in temperature sensitiveness.

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