Proven success rate
Proven high success rates

With more than 150,000 successful surgeries worldwide, TTA RAPID® has been shown to reduce infection rates and get patients back on their paws quickly.

Flexibility through variety
Flexibility through Variety

Now with 59 different cage sizes, TTA RAPID® is the most flexible surgical technique designed to repair a cruciate ligament injury.

Rapid Healing
Rapid Healing

The open sponge Titanium dodecahedron construct allows for rapid bone growth throughout the cage.

Short Surgery Time
Short Surgery Time

The TTA RAPID® surgery allows for shorter surgery times, which means lower risk of infection, less anesthesia, and less costs.

Patella Luxation
Patella Luxation + CCL Rupture

The TTA RAPID® System allows the repair of a CCL and a concomitant patella luxation in one procedure.

Minimal learning curve
Minimal Learning Curve

Due to the simplicity of the technique and instruments, a level of comfort can be achieved in no time.

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An Innovation

to the TTA Technique

TTA RAPID® stands out as one of the most attractive Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) techniques available today. Evolving from the original TTA Technique, TTA RAPID® combines the finest elements from other tibial plateau leveling methods for cruciate repair, including TTO (Triple Tibial Osteotomy), MMT (Modified Maquet Technique), and MMP™.

Renowned for its simplicity, TTA RAPID® offers a straightforward and uncomplicated surgical approach. Unlike methods that involve plates, forks, pins, or wires, TTA RAPID® minimizes dissection and soft tissue trauma. The surgery focuses on the proximal cranial tibia, ensuring easy access and reduced invasiveness. The advancement is maintained by the uniquely engineered TTA RAPID® Cage, boasting multiple screw fixation and a honeycomb cage structure. This design not only delivers immediate stability but also fosters seamless bone ingrowth.

Moreover, the versatility of the TTA RAPID® system extends beyond addressing cranial cruciate ligament ruptures; it also facilitates concurrent treatment of patella luxation, showcasing its comprehensive approach to orthopedic care.

Proven high success rates

With more than 100,000 successful surgeries worldwide, the TTA RAPID® Technique has proven its safety and effectivity.

The Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) method for surgically addressing cranial cruciate ligament insufficiency has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. As an advancement over the original TTA technique, TTA RAPID® presents a significantly enhanced and simplified approach.

Veterinarians all over the world have opted for TTA RAPID® on over 150,000 occasions as their preferred method for permanently addressing cruciate ligament tears.

Flexibility through variety

With an expanded range featuring 59 distinct cages, TTA RAPID® stands as the most versatile surgical technique available for repairing cruciate ligament injuries in pets. Our cage selection caters to various sizes, ensuring that every animal, from tiny felines to giant canines, receives optimal treatment.

Tiny TTA RAPID® is designed for tiny animals, especially cats, toy breed dogs, and dogs with short legs, that need a wide advancement. The Tiny TTA RAPID® set makes it possible to treat small dogs and cats with custom 1.5 / 2.0 mm cages and screws. The instrumentation set also features a "tiny" sawguide for short osteotomies and a "tiny" spreader".

Our standard size cages, ranging from 3.0mm to 15mm widths, cater to a wide range of medium-sized breeds. The introduction of the new Giant TTA RAPID® Cages and the new Giant TTA RAPID® Set, boasting widths of up to 18mm, addresses the needs of larger breeds with exceptional precision. 

To complement our diverse cage range, the TTA RAPID® System features five different spreaders and three distinct sawguides. This comprehensive selection ensures that veterinary surgeons have the ideal tools to address the specific requirements of each patient, from the smallest dogs to the giant breeds.

Rapid healing and short surgery time

TTA RAPID® implants offer high stability with a less invasive approach.

The TTA RAPID® surgery allows for shorter surgery times, which translates to lower risk of infection, less anesthesia, and lower costs.

The open sponge (dodecahedron cage structure) Titanium construct allows for rapid bone growth throughout the cage.

Patella Luxation + CCL Rupture

The TTA RAPID® system and the RAPID LUXATION system can be seamlessly implanted together in a challenging case of a cruciate ligament rupture and a concomitant patella luxation.

The uniquely designed Tibia Tappet facilitates precise adjustment of the tibial tuberosity, allowing for accurate positioning and functional assessment before proceeding with screw fixation during surgery. Once the desired position is achieved, fixation may be performed using the patellar spacer and screws.

Minimal learning curve

Due to the simplicity of the technique and the cleverly designed instruments, a level of comfort and proficiency in excuting the technique can be achieved quickly.

The TTA RAPID® technique involves a simplified surgical approach that can be easier for veterinarians to learn and perform, particularly those who may not have extensive experience in orthopedic surgery. Its straightforward approach minimizes the learning curve, empowering general practitioners to provide advanced orthopedic care to their current clientele and attract new clients to their practice.

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