This is why they named the cat LeiLOX

Our client Dr. Sonntag from Evidensia Clinic Group recently wrote us an email with the subject: Here’s why they changed the name of their cat to “LeiLOX”.

With this email, he sent us a ton of x-rays - all of which were taken from a single cat patient named Sweetie*.


Sweetie’s owner traversed her with her car thinking it was a sack of flower soil. Sick at heart and believing her cat is going to die, but not giving up hope, the owner brought Sweetie to the animal clinic. (Spoiler alert: Dr. Sonntag bought a full LeiLOX kit 5 days before). Can you imagine what Dr. Sonntag was going to expect?


Day 1: He had to fix a humerus spiral fracture (left) with a LeiLOX bridge plate. Furthermore, he diagnosed a femur transverse fracture. Dr. Sonntag then used a 7-hole LeiLOX plate to repair this fracture, and do several emergency soft tissue surgeries. (1:15h surgery time)

Day 2: Repair of two iliac bone traverse fractures (left and right) with LeiLOX L-plates. Finally, several soft tissue surgeries were performed. (1:50h surgery time)

“Especially remarkable are the short surgery times. On this aspect, the LeiLOX System has once again proven one of its many important capabilities. With conventional plates, this would not have been possible. LeiLOX was the reason why I could repair everything in ONLY two surgeries.”

Just like Dr. Sonntag said, this is only one of the many things LeiLOX can do.

Do you want to learn more about LeiLOX 1.5/2.0?

Meet us in our Virtual Showroom. There we can show you the system live and you can ask all your questions.

*for privacy reasons we changed the real name of the cat.

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