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Soft Tissue Surgery + TTA RAPID®

Soft Tissue Surgery + TTA RAPID®

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Hands-On Traning - Wet & Dry Lab

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Soft Tissue Surgery: Maximizing the use of Soniquence SmoothWave® RF
Soniquence provides Veterinarians with surgical precision, versatility, and safety unmatched by other electrosurgical and laser technologies. The use of Soniquence i200 Monopolar and Bipolar RF in Veterinary Medicine as an alternative to the scalpel and thermal modalities not only shortens surgery time, but also lowers the risk of postoperative swelling and plain.

The result is less patient trauma and enhanced wound healing. This Soft Tissue Surgery Module includes the basics of Soniquence i200 Monopolar and Bipolar use including the latest Bipolar Turbo mode, cutting the skin, the use of different tips and handpieces, and various procedures such as: skin tumors and reconstruction, skin grafting, soft palate and nares, entropion, perianal hernia and anal sacculectomy, approaches to the hip and stifle, and castration vs vasectomy.

Orthopedic Surgery: TTA RAPID® & Rapid Luxation
TTA RAPID® & Rapid Luxation: The 3D-printed, Titanium TTA Rapid® system is a straightforward procedure to treat Cranial Cruciate Ligament Ruptures in Canine and Feline patients. TTA Rapid only requires a partial osteotomy and one implant that features multiple points of screw fixation for extra security. You can simply add a patella luxation spacer to the cage when your patient also suffers from a patella luxation. TTA Rapid is highly versatile with 2mm up to 15mm cages and after more than 100,000 cases, has been shown to reduce surgery time, reduce infection rates and get patients back on their paws quickly.

In this comprehensive course, participants will acquire a thorough understanding of diagnosing a CCL rupture, gain intricate knowledge of stifle anatomy, and master the art of preoperative planning. Throughout the program, participants will have hands-on experience with both dry and wet lab settings, enabling them to confidently apply the techniques they learn.


Time Program
8:00 Welcome
8:30 Stifle Anatomy, Diagnosis Cruciate Ligament Rupture, Approach to stifle joint
10:00 Stifle Examination, TTA RAPID® Technique, TTA RAPID® & Patella Luxation, Rapid Luxation
11:00 Pre-Op Planning for TTA RAPID® + Patella Luxation / Rapid Luxation
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Pitfalls and solutions
13:30 Dry Lab
16:00 Break
16:30 - 17:00 Wrap-up, Questions

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2024-04-12 @ 09:00 to
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