LeiLOX FRacture Locking System

Limited Contact Dynamic Compression 

in LeiLOX Straight PlateS, Stainless Steel

How Does it Work?

The limited contact dynamic compression mechanism in a straight plate is designed to minimize vascular damage by optimizing the distribution of compression forces across the fracture site. 

  • Limited Contact: Unlike traditional compression plates that provide continuous contact with the bone surface along their entire length, limited contact plates feature gaps or spaces between the plate and the bone surface at certain intervals. This limited contact reduces the direct pressure on the underlying blood vessels, minimizing the risk of vascular compression and damage.

  • Dynamic Compression: Dynamic compression refers to the controlled application of compression forces at the fracture site during plate fixation. This compression helps to achieve and maintain anatomical alignment of the fractured bone segments, promoting stability and facilitating the healing process. Importantly, the dynamic nature of this compression allows for micro-movement at the fracture site, which is beneficial for stimulating bone healing.

By incorporating a limited contact dynamic compression mechanism, straight plates can provide the necessary stability for fracture fixation while minimizing the risk of vascular damage. This promotes optimal conditions for bone healing and reduces the likelihood of complications associated with impaired blood flow to the fractured area.